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Jan 27, 2013 10:00am EST
from hillary clinton on the benghazi attack. them president obama's second inaugural address. >> our guest on "newsmakers" is senator jim inhofe. as the new congress takes over the spot, we have a lot of questions. let me introduce you to our to reporters. jim michaels is a reporter for "usa today." welcome. >> thank you. the pentagon made an announcement they would open up occupational specialties including confidantes to women. do you plan to try to block all or some of that plan? >> no. we have a process. i met with the undersecretary yesterday morning. the senate armed services committee can look incrementally as they make these changes. we can either talk them out of it or introduce legislation. if something that we do not know yet what they will come out with and they hear from the service chiefs, we will see what is reasonable. we will use our own judgment. i caution people who are hysterical about this. let's wait and see what they do. we will stop the bad stuff. >> the defense cemetery has said any exceptions will have to get approved by him. the implication is there are goi
Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
with president obama is that he wants to reduce our nuke arsenal. he refuses to modernize it. we're going through this thing right now and most people watching us right now are not aware that iran, our intelligence has told us since 2007 and is still telling us today that they are going to have nuke capability and delivery system by 2015. with that, we know that it's not happening in a vacuum. so we have a nuclear situation. it's not just rureb i can't and the united states as people like to think. niffs korea a week ago and we know what they are doing with their capability. when you say we want zero nukes and he's said that and obama has said that. it's hard to explain this to people. he is a friend of mine. i'm talking about senator hagel is a personal friend. but this is too important. when you have 20 pped kids and grandkids you want a system that is not light on the progress in nuclear capability. >> i'd like to know what you think his chances are of getting confirmation and whether you coming out against him could poison the relationship with him if he becomes secretary of defense? >> no, b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2